Details of my Execution

Details of my Execution

January- August 2018

After many many hours of tortuous calculations and useless lists

I figured out where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, and for how long

Bordeaux 3 1/2 months Marseille 7 months

visiting my Mom before, middle and after


Rented my house

cleaned up, threw out, gave away, cleared out house and garden

After 3 months of compiling 15 different documents 3 copies each and tearing my hair out I finally got the interview appointment at the French Consulate

then was photographed, interviewed and fingerprinted 3 times

no more acting badly….or speeding, I’m now on everyone’s radar

Got global entry, a certificate of good conduct and a clean bill of health

and finally received a French multiple entry Visa for one year

Bought a whole lot of airline tickets, re-rented my old apartment in Bordeaux and found an apartment in Marseille

Painted mural part 2 at Hartford Hospital with Catou, while ruining my stomach on too many to count cups of Au Bon Pain’s hideous coffee

Watched all six seasons of Game of Thrones, again, the antidote to the boring process of photocopying endless docs, painting 13 large identical Washington bowls, and tossing out all the crap in my life and house


Ended my illustrious fishmonger career at the farmer’s market

Farewell Blue Moon!

August 5-12 Jefferson and Wilson NY

Took a last spin in my 96 Camry and drove 828 miles (love route 20) round trip upstate and back to visit Ellen, Mark, and their post op pooch Eubie in Jefferson then John and Kathleen and the pesky woodchuck living under their shed in Wilson NY, on Lake Ontario

When I got back I gave my car to my neighbors

August 14- September 25 California

Co-shopped, cooked, baked, and threw my Mom an almost 90th birthday party for 50+ people with Peter, Hui-shu, and nieces Leanne and Olivia

Obsessively watched MSNBC and CNN with my Mom after obsessively walking 5 miles daily on the beach while obsessively listening to NPR’s morning edition on KCLU and looking for seals, dolphins and white sharks


Painted more rocks

Played chauffeur, food shopper, medical advisor, bridge cheerleader, and regular thorn in my mother’s side, as co-companion and nag

Registered for three more months of immersion French classes at L’Alliance Française, Bordeaux

Bought enough watercolor paper for my trip, to guilt myself into painting a lot, it’s cheaper to buy french paper in the US than in France, go figure

Got new glasses and a big suitcase

Voted absentee

Suspended my phone #

Wrote a will


drank adequate amounts of Tito’s, de-stressing…

and happily my stomach is no longer in knots



See ya!