French Lessons Troisième Acte: La Cape d'Invisibilité

Friday April 26, 2019

I left Bordeaux for Vannes, a medieval town on the Golfe of Morbihan in Bretagne, where I lived for two months. While there, I visited islands, saw mégalithes, towns, museums and marchés, took a lot of boats, dodged rain storms, and painted. A lot of walking was involved.

It took me a while to realize that I had mistakenly forgotten to take off my invisibility cloak. No one knew my name, where I lived or what I do, only rarely acknowledging my presence when the cloak slipped off to open my wallet. Being a ghost, vastly improved my eavesdropping and observational skills! Considering the circumstances the images below will do the talking.

The biggest tourist attraction “Vannes et sa Femme”, on my corner…..

The biggest tourist attraction “Vannes et sa Femme”, on my corner…..

The sky has a limitless quality, the clouds marching across it in stunning fashion. I took a 1/2 boat ride to Île d’Arz, at least once a week, when the weather cooperated, and spent the day painting.


It wasn’t all sunshine and strawberries, obviously my images only show one side of the story. I have bunches of complaints, topping the list, the rain, the rain, the rain, and the cold, and so it goes. However, I won’t bore anyone further

The places:

Île Er Lannic, Île aux Moines, Île d’Arz (to paint), Belle Île en Mer, Carnac (mother lode of standing stones), Quimper, Benodet, Fousnant, Pont Aven, Sainte Marine, Nantes, and Concarneau

I really loved being in this area of France, and as it turns out Vannes is quite an active town, packed with events and tourists all the time. There was the town wide Photography Show, The Plant Show, The Book Show, The Week of the Golfe, involving everything boat, sailor, striped shirts and fish, The Fête de Bretagne, and so on. I was never bored, and never tired of wandering around.

I would have liked to interact with more people, and not feel so invisible, but all that anonymity and eavesdropping had it’s advantages, my french vastly improved! Who would have thought

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next time I have to rent a car